1967 – 1969 December: Eagle Point Paynesville (Vic). Aerial Spraying: Pesticide: Fenthion, Malathion, DDT

Chief Health Officer

17/3/70 Pesticide Aerial Spraying

On 24 December 1969, I reported that pesticides had been dissemiated by aerial spraying at two resorts in the Eastern Health Area. These were as follows:

1. Eagle Point Camping Area and Paynesville foreshore: 48 acres using “Baytex” at a rate of 4 ounces to the acre. The spraying was carried out by *** Aviation of Benambra at the request of Bairnsdale Shire Council.

2. Seaspray Foreshore: Baytex 5 ounces plus Malathion 4 ounces to the acre. The operation was carried out by Farmair Pty Ltd of West Sale Drome at the request of the Seaspray Foreshore Committee.

It would appear that there is no control over such operations against what are merely nuisance insects. The Department of Agriculture has no powers under the Aerial Spraying Act, nor is it proper that it should interfere in what is a Health problem…

Eagle Point Camping Area
Paynesville, Bairnsdale Shire.

Council have and will be again hiring the services of an aerial sprayer.
Substances Used.

Malathion, DDT, Baylene

Mr Street has objected to the Shire.



Aerial Spraying

Shire of Bairnsdale.

Location treated – at Payneseville and Eaglepoint.
Area – 87 acres
Material Used – Baytex
Rate per acre – 4 oz.
Total Quantity – 17 pints 8 oz.