1960’s: Yandanooka – Three Springs Rail Line (WA). Spraydrift killed off Flowers

Legislative Assembly (Western Australia)
Tuesday, the 8th September, 1970

Tuesday 8 September 1970


For many years the area between Yandanooka. and Three Springs was considered to have the best show of double red everlasting flowers that could be seen anywhere. These were growing in great profusion along the railway line. I regret to say, however, that now it is not possible to find one everlasting flower in that area. This is all due to the fact that spraying
has been carried out for the control of different types of weeds.

The same thing has happened on the Mullewa-Geraldton railway line. The crop of everlastings along that railway line was the pride of the district, hut the flowers
in this area have also been wiped out.

If a lot of spraying Is to be carried out, the Minister and his department
should be warned and should ensure that no more of our wildflowers are destroyed.
The Bill goes a long way towards further tightening up the Act, and this is
a step in the right direction.

However, I do not think the measure goes far enough in providing protection for our wildflowersin places such as Geraldton and the others I have mentioned.