2001 November + 2014/17: Dalby Water Treatment Plant (Queensland). Pesticides: Atrazine, Desisopropyl Atrazine, Metolachlor

Nov 2001: Dalby is the main town on the Darling Downs. Sampling by the Queensland Natural Resources Department turned up residues of a triazine, atrazine, of 12ug/L (micrograms per litre) in November 2001 in Dalby’s main weir, which supplies drinking water. The “eco-trigger” recommended internationally for this chemical – the maximum level to avoid adverse environmental effects – is 2ug/L.

The draft report of a recent review of atrazine by the federal chemical monitoring agency, the National Registration Authority (NRA), says atrazine “should not be detected in drinking water”. Studies in the United States suggest that even at low levels, atrazine hinders the reproductive ability of frogs.


Dalby Water Treatment Plant

13/10/14: Atrazine 0.06ug/L, Desethyl Atrazine 0.03ug/L, Metolachlor 0.11ug/L [Total 0.2ug/L 3 pesticides

7/10/15: Nothing

16/11/16: Desisopropyl Atrazine 0.04ug/L

9/10/17: Nothing

9/10/18: Nothing