2012 March: Pesticides in Groundwater Lower Burdekin River Floodplain

March 2012: A study by the Department of Environment and Resource Management, Pesticides in Groundwater of the Lower Burdekin Floodplain. “Pesticides were present at detectable levels in 38% of groundwater samples taken from bores in the Burdekin Riverdelta and Burdekin River Irrigation Areas. Four herbicides (atrazine, diuron, hexazinone and metolachlor) and two breakdown products of the herbicide atrazine (desethyl atrazine, desisopropyl atrazine) were detected in at least one of the 53 groundwater samples. The organophosphate insecticide, chlorpyrifos was detected in two of the groundwater bores sampled.”


Shaw MS, Silburn DS, Lenahan M & Harris M. 2012.
Pesticides in groundwater in the Lower Burdekin floodplain. Brisbane:
Department of Environment and Resource Management, Queensland Government.
ISBN: 978-1-7423-0953.

Results Lower Burdekin Groundwater Pesticide Analysis August 2011

Atrazine 0.031ug/L(max), 0.019 ug/L (mean)

Desethyl Atrazine 0.254 ug/L (max), 0.07ug/L (mean)

Desisopropyl Atrazine 0.044ug/L (max), 0.021ug/L (mean)

Diuron 0.125ug/L (max), 0.072ug/L (mean)

Hexazinone 0.03ug/L (max), 0.019ug/L (mean)

Metolachlor 0.009ug/L (max), 0.009ug/L (mean)

Chlorpyrifos 0.4ug/L (max), 0.3ug/L (mean)