2004 December – 2006 April: Kerang (Vic) Channel 14/2. Pesticide: Esfenvalerate, Bifenthrin, Taufluvalinate, Endosulfan, Atrazine, Simazine.

Channel 14/2 provides drinking water to Kerang. The Esfenvalerate, Bifenthrin and Taufluvalinate levels are likely to be the highest level of these pesticides detected in Australia. There are no guideline levels for Bifenthrin and Taufluvalinate in Australia.

December 2004: Atrazine 0.01ug/L

August 2005: Atrazine Trace

September 2005: Endosulfan 0.0015ug/L (TRIMPS), Atrazine 0.035ug/L

October 2005: Goulburn Murray Water Kerang Channel 14/2 Esfenvalerate 65ug/L ) (2.167 x Australian Drinking Water Guideline), Bifenthrin 100ug/L, Taufluvalinate 75ug/L, Atrazine Trace.

November 2005: Atrazine 0.022ug/L

December 2005: Atrazine Trace

January 2006: Atrazine 0.038ug/L

February 2006: Atrazine 0.031ug/L

March 2006: Atrazine 0.05ug/L

April 2006: Atrazine 0.028ug/L

The following information sourced from F.o.I. to Lower Murray Water June 2017

4/2/15: Atrazine 0.1ug/L

8/2/17: Atrazine 0.02ug/L

8/2/17: Simazine 0.04ug/L