2012 – 2013: Fitzroy River at Rockhampton. Pesticides: Atrazine, Diuron, Hexazinone, Tebuthiuron


Fitzroy River at Rockhampton

Total Atrazine 470kg, Diuron 98kg, Hexazinone 4.5kg, Tebuthiuron 5000kg

Land Use Yield

Atrazine (Cropping, Forestry & Sugarcane) 0.026kg/km2

Diuron (Cropping, Horticulture & Sugarcane) 0.011kg/km2

Hexazinone (Cropping, Forestry  and Sugarcane) 0.000037kg/km2

Tebuthiuron (Cropping, Forestry  and Sugarcane) 0.045kg/km2

Source: Reef Water Quality Protection Plan. Total Suspended Solids, Nutrients & Pesticide Loads (2012-2013) for Rivers that Discharge to the Great Barrier Reef – Great Barrier Reef Catchment Loads Monitoring 2012-2013