2019 December: Spray Drift Fine (Bellata, NSW)

Bellata farmer fined for pesticide spray drift


Dec 19 2019

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has reminded farmers not to damage neighbouring crops or the environment while spraying pesticides after the Belatta incident

EPA regional director Adam Gilligan said spraying crops in the wrong conditions could cause damage to other crops on nearby farms.

The fine followed complaints from another farmer about a neighbour applying pesticides using a spray boom in windy conditions on September 10.

The farmer reported the spray crossed onto his property, impacting a native vegetation corridor.

The EPA’s investigation found the pesticide in the native vegetation corridor over 50 metres away and that while the spraying was taking place, the wind conditions were gusty and variable and at times blowing toward the vegetation corridor.

“Safe pesticide use relies on users spraying in appropriate weather conditions and following the label instructions,” Mr Gilligan said.

“The proper use of pesticides helps to ensure the safety of the operators, the environment and the local community.”

Mr Gilligan said the $750 fine was a reminder of the importance of being a good neighbour when applying or using pesticides.

Penalty notices are one of several tools the EPA can use to achieve environmental compliance.

If you are concerned about illegal pesticide use, or you have knowledge of an incident, please call the 24/7 Environment Line on 131 555.