2015: St Muirs Drive, Warrandyte (Victoria). Pesticides: Multiple

Potentially toxic concentrations of synthetic pyrethroids associated with low density residential land use

Supplementary Material

Stephen Marshall*, David Sharley, Katherine Jeppe, Simon Sharp, Gavin Rose, Vincent Pettigrove


St Muirs Drive, Warrandyte


Feb/April 2015: Bifenthrin 171ug/kg, Chlorpyrifos 25.2ug/kg, DEET 3ug/kg, Diuron 56ug/kg, Permethrin 38ug/kg, Trifloxystrobin 16.4ug/kg

also see: https://pursuit.unimelb.edu.au/articles/the-common-insecticide-poisoning-our-rivers-and-wetlands