2015 December: Clarence Town (NSW) Spray Drift. Pesticide: 2,4-D

Lower Hunter vignerons claim pesticides killing crops

7 Dec 2015

It appears the impact of spray drift on Hunter Valley vineyards is more widespread than first thought.

Last week, grape growers near Denman revealed their plants are being harmed when the weed killer 2,4-D blows over their vineyards.

Now a vigneron near Clarence Town has reported his grape crop has been all but destroyed by phenoxy herbicides.

Ross Arnott said he does not know where the chemicals are coming from.

“It’s coming in in plumes,” he said.

“You can actually see where the plumes hit one part of the grape then it’ll hit the other side .

“And these plumes can be a up to six metres in diameter.”

Mr Arnott said he needs to determine the source of the chemicals.

“It could be a by-product from some sort of manufacturing facility because we’d be in the wind direction from some small industrial areas.”