2015 Bitter Springs (NT). Pesticides: DEET, Piperonyl Butoxide, Imidacloprid, Tebuthiuron

Schult, J. 2016. Pesticide and nutrient monitoring in the Roper River region during the 2015 dry season. Northern Territory Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Report No. 20/2016D. Palmerston. (passive samplers)

Site 1 Bitter Springs

DEET: 110ng/L

Galoxolide: 0.39ng/L (musk fragrance)

Tonalid: 0.07ng/L (musk fragrance)

Piperonyl Butoxide: 2.4ng/L

Imidacloprid: 0.04ng/L

Tebuthiuron 0.22ng/L

Carbamazepine: 0.02ng/L (anti-convulsant drug)