2013 January – February: Nepean River Sydney. Pesticides: Neonicotinoids

Nepean River Site 5 (farms upstream): 29/1/13: Acetamiprid 0.02ug/L, Imidacloprid 0.17ug/L, Thiacloprid 0.13ug/L

Nepean River Site 5 (farms upstream): 7/2/13: Acetamiprid 0.12ug/L, Clothiandin 0.02ug/L, Thiacloprid 0.02ug/L

Nepean River Site 6 (experimental farms): 29/1/13: Acetamiprid 0.03ug/L, Imidacloprid 0.04ug/L, Thiacloprid 0.06ug/L

Source: Detection and analysis of neonicotinoids in river waters – Development of a passive
sampler for three commonly used insecticides ARTICLE in CHEMOSPHERE · FEBRUARY 2014

Impact Factor: 3.5 · DOI: 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2013.10.051 · Source: PubMed. Francisco Sanchez-Bayo University of Sydney, Ross V Hyne Office of Environment and Heritage