2013-4: Swanbank Power Station – Western Corridor Recycled Water. Pesticides: Multiple

Annual Report 2013-2014
Western Corridor Recycled Water Scheme
Recycled Water Management Plan

The Western Corridor Recycled Water Scheme (WCRWS) produced about 1 324ML of purified recycled water (PRW) for use at Stanwell Corporation’s Swanbank Power Station during the 2013-2014 financial year.


2,2-Dichloropropionic acid (DPA) (Dalapon 0.18ug/L (maximum), 0.13ug/L (average)
2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) 29ug/L (max), 0.8ug/L (average)
Acrolein (Propanol) 0.5ug/L (min), 1.3ug/L (max), 0.87ug/L (average)
Ametyrn 0.1ug/L (max) 0.01ug/L (av)
Aminomethylphosphonic acid (AMPA) 19ug/L(max), 6.1ug/L (min)
Amitrole 0.5ug/L (max)
Atrazine 2.3ug/L (max), 0.14ug/L (av)
Bromoxynil 0.08ug/L (max), 0.01ug/L (av)
Carbamazepine 0.27ug/L (min), 2.1ug/L (max), 0.88ug/L (av)
Carbaryl 0.08ug/L (max)
Carbendazim 0.1ug/L (max) 0.05ug/L (av)
Carbendazim (total) 0.4ug/L (max)
Chlorpyrifos 0.1ug/L (max)
DEET 0.01ug/L(min), 0.21ug/L (max), 0.059ug/L(av)
Desethyl Atrazine 0.7ug/L (max)
Diazinon 0.17ug/L (max), 0.033ug/L (av)
Dicamba 0.34ug/L (max), 0.051ug/L (av)
Diclofop Methyl 2.4ug/L (max)
Diuron 3.2ug/L (max), 0.19ug/L (av)
Diuron (total) 0.02ug/L (min), 3.5ug/L (max), 0.42ug/L (av)
Endosulfan beta 0.2ug/L (max)
Fenamiphos 0.14ug/L (max)
Fipronil 0.4ug/L (max), 0.07ug/L (av)
Fluometuron 0.1ug/L (max)
Fluroxypur 3ug/L (max), 0.1ug/L (av)
Glyphosate 2ug/L (max), 0.5ug/L (av)
Haloxyfop 5ug/L (max), 0.07ug/L (av)
Haloxyfop Total 5ug/L (max), 0.08ug/L (av)
Haloxyfop Methyl 1ug/L (max)
Hexazinone 0.07ug/L(max), 0.01ug/L (av)
MCPA 0.01ug/L (min), 3.9ug/L (max), 0.31ug/L (av)
Mecoprop 0.19ug/L (max), 0.049ug/L (av)
Metalaxyl 1ug/L (max)
Metolachlor 3.3ug/L (max), 0.24ug/L(av)
Molinate 0.06ug/L (max)
Picloram 0.25ug/L (max), 0.023ug/L (min)
Piperonyl Butoxide 0.1ug/L (max)
Prometryn 0.04ug/L (max), 0.0074ug/L (max)
Propazine 0.9ug/L (max)
Propiconazole 3ug/L (max) 0.1ug/L (av)
Simazine 0.42ug/L (max), 0.055ug/L (av)
Tebuconazole 1ug/L (max), 0.07ug/L (av)
Terbutryn 0.06ug/L (max), 0.01ug/L (av)
Triadimenol 0.1ug/L (max)
Triclopyr 37ug/L (max), 0.77ug/L (av)