2012 – 2023: Tullaroop Reservoir – Maryborough Water Supply. Pesticides detected: Atrazine, Simazine, 2,4-D, Metalochlor, Benomyl, Fluometuron, Diuron

Tullaroop Reservoir (Maryborough drinking water supply)

19/11/2012: Atrazine 0.17ug/L, 19/11/2012: 2,4-D 0.03ug/L, 19/11/2012: Simazine 0.05ug/L

14/11/2013: Metolachlor 0.01ug/L, 14/11/2013: Atrazine 0.11ug/L, 14/11/2013: Simazine 0.05ug/L, 14/11/2013: 2,4-D 0.02ug/L

13/11/2014: Atrazine 0.11ug/L, 13/11/2014: Simazine 0.08ug/L

12/11/2015: Benomyl 0.01ug/L, 11/11/2015: Atrazine 0.08ug/L, 11/11/2015: Simazine 0.06ug/L

23/11/2016: Atrazine 0.05ug/L, 23/11/2016: Fluometuron 0.04ug/L, 23/11/2016: Diuron 0.08ug/L, 23/11/2016: Metolachlor 0.02ug/L, 23/11/2016: Benomyl 0.1ug/L

“Improvements in the level of detection capability by the lab analysis have resulted in low level detection of some pesticides” Central Highlands Water Annual Water Quality Report 2013/14

Water supply not specified. Could be Tullaroop or Centenary Reservoir

2017/18: Atrazine 0.06ug/L, Simazine 0.12ug/L, Terbuthylazine 0.01ug/L, MCPA 0.03ug/L, 2,4-D 0.01ug/L, Clopyralid 0.34ug/L, Triclopyr 0.01ug/L, Benomyl 0.06ug/L, Fluometuron 0.02ug/L, Metolachlor 0.02ug/L

2018/19: Atrazine 0.06ug/L, Simazine 0.08ug/L, 2,4-D 0.01ug/L, Benomyl 0.03ug/L

2019/20: Dimethoate 0.03ug/L, Atrazine 0.17ug/L, Simazine 0.23ug/L, Terbuthylazine 0.02ug/L, 2,4-D 0.03ug/L, MCPA 0.06ug/L, Triclopyr 0.07ug/L, Benomyl 0.03ug/L, Tebuconazole 0.03ug/L, Diuron 0.03ug/L, Metolachlor 1ug/L

2020/21: Diuron 0.03ug/L, Metolachlor 0.15ug/L, Atrazine 0.11ug/L, Simazine 0.17ug/L, Terbuthylazine 0.02ug/L,  Terbutryn 0.02ug/L, 2,4-D 0.02ug/L. Clopyralid 0.8ug/L, MCPA 0.03ug/L, Triclopyr 0.02ug/L, Benomyl 0.02ug/L

2021/22: Trichlorofon 0.38ug/L, Atrazine 0.02ug/L, Simazine 0.09ug/L, Terbuthylazine 0.03ug/L, 2,4-D 0.34ug/L, Clopyralid 0.43ug/L, MCPA 0.03ug/L, Triclopyr 0.08ug/L, Benomyl 0.03ug/L, Metolachlor 0.07ug/L

2022/23: Atrazine 0.07ug/L, Simazine 0.29ug/L, Terbuthylazine 0.03ug/L, Prometryn 0.06ug/L, Terbutryn 0.01ug/L, 2,4-D 0.08ug/L, Clopyralid 0.15ug/L, MCPA 0.07ug/L, Triclopyr 0.03ug/L, Benomyl 0.26ug/L, Tebuconazole 0.04ug/L, Diuron 0.02ug/L, Thiamethoxam 0.02ug/L, Metolachlor 0.06ug/L