2012 October – 2013 February: Ti-Tree Creek Berwick. Pesticides: Multiple

Site #209. Ti-Tree Creek drainage scheme (DS) (suburban storm water retention system). Clyde road/greaves rd Berwick

Oct 12: Simazine 0.14ug/L. DIA (desisopropyl atrazine) 0.01ug/L, Atrazine 0.005ug/L, Diuron 0.02ug/L, Metolachlor 0.42ug/L, Prometryn 0.17ug/L, Linuron 0.04ug/L, Clopyralid 0.056ug/L, Dicamba 0.05ug/L, 2,4-D 0.075ug/L, MCPA 0.51ug/L, Triclopyr 0.024ug/L, Metsulfuron Methyl 0.016ug/L

Feb 13: Simazine 0.117ug/L, DIA (desisopropyl atrazine) 0.017ug/L, Diuron 0.025ug/L, Metolachlor 0.029ug/L, Prometryn 0.028ug/L, Clopyralid 0.011ug/L, 2,4-D 0.033ug/L, MCPA 0.277ug/L, Triclopyr 0.004ug/L, Metsulfuron Methyl 0.018ug/L

Use of novel rapid assessment tools for efficient monitoring of micropollutants in urban storm water

(SWF Project 8OS – 8100) Final Report Graeme Allinson Mayumi Allinson, Jackie Myers, Vincent Pettigrove