2012 Oct-Nov: Adjungbilly Creek (NSW). Pesticides: Atrazine, Hexazinone, Simazine

Forestry NSW Samples from various locations near headwaters of Adjungbilly Creek

11/10/12 8*-Sample N12/027457

Atrazine 0.56µg/L, Hexazinone 0.45µg/L

11/10/12 9A*-Sample N12/027458

Atrazine 1.8µg/L, Hexazinone 0.94µg/L

11/10/12 A CGAGO1 N12/027453

Atrazine 78ug/L, Hexazinone 22µg/L, Simazine 0.26µg/L

11/10/12 C CGAGO N12/027455

Atrazine 0.4ug/L, Hexazinone 0.11µg/L

Office of Environment & Heritage Report 201200381

Wee Jasper State Forest Courajago 

201202974 2 Courajago 15/11/12 OMSSVQ1

Hexazinone 0.6µg/L

201202976 4 Courajago 15/11/12 OMSSVQ1

Atrazine 8.3µg/L Hexazinone 4.8µg/L

201202977 5 Courajago 19/11/12 OMSSVQ1

Atrazine 130µg/kg Hexazinone 43µg/kg

201202978 6 Courajago 15/11/12 OMSSVQ1

Hexazinone 1µg/L

201202980 8 Courajago 15/11/12 OMSSVQ1

Hexazinone 0.5201202978 6 Courajago 15/11/12 OMSSVQ1

Hexazinone 1µg/L

Australian Government NM1 samples 13/11/12

N12/030147: Atrazine 0.3µg/L, Hexazinone 0.16µg/L

N12/030148: Atrazine 0.28µg/L, Hexazinone 0.2µg/L

N12/030149: Atrazine 0.44µg/L, Hexazinone 0.21µg/L

Water C Gago D 

11/10/12 D-CGAG01-Sample N12/027456

Atrazine 31µg/L, Hexazinone 15µg/L, Simazine 0.11µg/L

Atrazine 78µg/L, Hexazinone 22µg/L, Simazine 0.26µg/L

Sample N12/030153 13/11/12: Atrazine 0.91µg/L, Hexazinone 0.85µg/L

Sample N12/031947 21/11/12 Atrazine 0.69µg/L, Hexazinone 0.68µg/L

Sample N12/032831 30/11/12: Hexazinone 0.54µg/L

Water C Gago B

N12/030951 13/11/12 Hexazinone 1.6µg/L

N12/030152 13/11/12 Atrazine 0.19 µg/L, Hexazinone 1.2µg/L

N12/031948 21/11/12 Atrazine 0.2µg/L, Hexazinone 0.49µg/L

N12/032832 30/11/12: Hexazinone 0.49µg/L

Water C Gago C 

N12/031949 13/11/12: Atrazine 0.44µg/L, Hexazinone 0.21µg/L

N12/031949 21/11/12: Atrazine 0.18µg/L, Hexazinone 0.99µg/L

N12/03285 30/11/12: Hexazinone 0.19µg/L

Water C Gago A 

N12/030150 13/11/12 Atrazine 0.12µg/L Hexazinone 0.16µg/L

N12/031950 21/11/2012 Hexazinone 1.1µg/L

N12/032828 30/11/12: Atrazine 0.15µg/L Hexazinone 0.12µg/L

Water G2 

N12/031951 21/11/12 Atrazine 0.12 µg/L, Hexazinone 0.22µg/L

Water C Gag C 

N12/031953: 21/11/2012 Atrazine 0.24 µg/L, Hexazinone 0.16µg/L

Water 20 

N12/030154: 13/11/2012 Atrazine 1.3µg/L, Hexazinone 0.33µg/L