2012/22: Wahgunyah (Murray River, Victoria). Pesticides Atrazine, Terbutryn, MCPA, Simazine

Wahgunyah: Murray River at tap at inlet to treatment plant

8/11/12: Atrazine 0.01ug/L

25/7/13: Atrazine 0.03ug/L

25/7/13: Terbutryn 0.01ug/L

24/10/13: MCPA 0.01ug/L

30/10/14: Atrazine 0.01ug/L

27/10/16: Simazine 0.04ug/L

2020/21 (Wahgunyah): Phenoxy herbicides 0.02ug/L, Triazine and Triazineone herbicides 0.03ug/L

2021/22 (Wahgunyah): Organophospate Pesticide 0.43ug/L, Phenoxy herbicides 0.05ug/L, Triazine and Triazineone herbicides 0.1ug/L