2010 November – March 2013: Robinvale (Vic). Pesticides detected: Atrazine, Simazine

November 2010: Communities along the Murray River all record ‘low levels’ of simazine and atrazine over two days. Research in the United States shows Atrazine having impacts at levels as low as 0.1ug/L. Does this mean that the Murray River from Kerang to Mildura, a distance of ~300km was also contaminated with low levels of atrazine & simazine?

[3/11/10: Mildura Atrazine 0.02ug/L, Red Cliffs Atrazine 0.03ug/L, Robinvale Atrazine 0.04ug/L, Swan Hill Atrazine 0.03ug/L. Swan Hill Simazine 0.06ug/L. Piangil Simazine 0.06ug/L, Mildura Simazine 0.04ug/L, Red Cliffs Simazine 0.04ug/L, Robinvale Simazine 0.09ug/L. 4/11/10 Kerang Atrazine 0.04ug/L, Koondrook Simazine 0.07ug/L, Murrabit Simazine 0.03ug/L, Koondrook Atrazine 0.04ug/L, Murrabit Atrazine 0.04ug/L]

5/3/13: Robinvale Water Treatment Plant Atrazine 0.01ug/L

Source: FoI Application Lower Murray Water June 2017