2009 October: Wickepin (WA) Crop Dusting Accident

Ultralight pilot, crop-duster killed in separate crashes

The Sunday Times October 03, 2009

THE pilot of an ultralight plane has been killed in York, just hours after a crop-dusting pilot died near Wickepin.

The ultralight pilot died about 4.30pm when his craft plummeted to the ground. The crash happened 6km east of York.

The 50-year-old pilot is believed to have been a member of an ultralight club based just north of where the crash happened.

The incident will be investigated by Recreational Aircraft Australia.

Earlier, the pilot of a crop-dusting plane died after his aircraft crashed into a farm paddock at Wickepin, 200km south-east of Perth just before 1pm on Saturday.

Police said the chemical being sprayed, organophosphate, was highly toxic and emergency workers faced contamination hazards trying to free the pilot.

The chemical had to be neutralised and removed before they could reach the plane that crashed just before 1pm Saturday.

The pilot has not been named but it is understood he is from Perth and was flying an aircraft from Westside Aerial Services based in Hyden.

A company spokeswoman said she could not comment on the incident until the investigation was complete.

The single-engine aircraft crashed into a field of canola near Fleahy Rd, 10km east of Wickepin.

Investigators from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau will investigate the crash