2009 Dec – 2010 Jan: Noosa Heads. Pesticide: Diuron + Carbendazim

Table 3b. Estimated concentration of OCs, OPs and SPs in water (μgL-1) calculated from the
mass accumulated in Empore Disk samplers deployed from 11 December 2009 through 11th
January 2010, together with ANZECC trigger values for aquatic ecosystem protection (freshwater, slightly to moderately disturbed ecosystem, 95% species protection value). Detections highlighted in green. No results from Site 3 due to loss of equipment.


Diuron and Carbendazim detected at 9 locations including Noosa Heads

Levels at Noosa Heads: Diuron 0.0045ug/L, Carbendazim 0.0003ug/L