2008 November: Lebrina (Tas) hardwood plantation insecticide drift

Fears over chemical spraying

A couple in Tasmania’s north-east fear they will lose customers from their accommodation business after their property was sprayed with insecticide this morning.

Howard and Michelle Carpenter claim insecticide drifted onto their property near Lebrina from spraying to stop an insect infestation in neighbouring plantations.

A spokesman for Gunns says the timber company tried to address the concerns of neighbours and used an organic chemical when spraying close to adjoining properties.

Michelle Carpenter says she is concerned that the insecticide could drift across from the plantations and onto her land.

“It’s not so much the movement of the chemical on the ground to get into rainwater, it’s more the drift that you have to be aware of with this one,” Ms Carpenter said.

“The fact that we rely on rainwater now in the catchment area off the roof, but yes, its the drift that is the big worry.”

Editor’s note: This story has been amended as the Gunn’s spokesman said spraying with an organic insecticide had occurred close to the poperty not over it.