2007 November – December: Latrobe River near Rosedale. Pesticides detected: Simazine, Hexazinone.

Simazine detected at 0.03 parts per billion (28/29 November2007) in grab sample at the Latrobe River near Rosedale in ‘Pilot Study of Agrochemicals in West Gippsland Waterways – 2007’. Simazine also detected at 0.16ug/l (over 21 day period) and Ethion (over 21 day period) June 2007 at Moe Drain. Hexazinone detected at 0.01ug/l (over 21 day period) and simazine 0.195ug/L (over 21 day period) December 2007 at Latrobe River Rosedale.