2007: Kerrie Reservoir Romsey. Pesticide detected: 2,4-D, Chlordane

Kerrie Reservoir (Water supply for Romsey) located in the Bolinda Creek Catchment ~6km south west of Romsey. This water supply had traces of the herbicide 2,4-D detected in it in February 2007. 2,4-D was also detected at the Glenfern Park Basin (just out of Romsey). Most of the Bolinda Creek catchment has native forest and pasture on it, meaning that a farmer had most likely been using 2,4-D and some of this was washed into the reservoir.

2007/8 WQR Western Water Kerrie Reservoir (Raw) Chlordane 0.01ug/L?


5/02/2007 Western Water Kerrie Reservoir (Romsey) 2,4-D 0.02ug/L
8/02/2010 Western Water Kerrie Reservoir (Romsey) 2,4-D 0.04ug/L