2007 June: Wimmera Highway Spray drift

18/6/07: Wimmera Highway. On 18/6/07 a Sub Contractor for VicRoads Road Services (Wilkin Environmental Services) undertook spraying of regrowth on the Wimmera High in which spray drift caused off target damage to native vegetation and a small part of an adjoining landowners crop (<50sqm). The spraying of regrowth within road reserves is part of VicRoads Road Services obligation under the 06/08 Routine Maintenance SLA.

On notification of the incident a meeting between VicRoads Road Services, Wilkin Environmental Services and VicRoads was convened on the 28/8/07. During the meeting VicRoads Roads Services presented a Non Conformance Report with Wilkin Environmental Services. Wilkin Environmental Services Chemical Spray Record indicates that the Roundup/Grazon mix was applied via a hand lance and ute mounted boom with wind speeds measured to be 15km/hr. It should be noted that application of spray in 15km/hr winds is within the 18km/hr maximum stated in Wilkin Environmental Services Operating Procedure, along with this spraying of regrowth on the 18/6/2007 was undertaken along numerous sections of the Wimmera Hwy and this is the only area known to have caused off target damage.