2006 September – 2006 October: Ellen Brook, Henley Brook (WA). Pesticides: Chlorpyrifos, Metolachlor, Diuron, Simazine, Atrazine

A baseline study of organic contaminants in the Swan and Canning catchment drainage system using passive sampling devices. Government of Western Australia Department of Water. December 2009

Ellen Brook, Henley Brook WA

The estimated concentration in water (ng/L) of insecticides predicted from the accumulation in PDMS strips deployed during September- October 2006.

Phosphate tri-n-butyl: <2ng/L (Replicate A), <2ng/L (Replicate B)

Diazinon: <6ng/L (Replicate A), <6ng/L (Replicate B)

Terbutryn: <3ng/L ( Replicate A), <3ng/L ( Replicate B)

Chlorpyrifos: 1ng/L ( Replicate A), 1ng/L ( Replicate B)

Fenitrothion: <3ng/L (Replicate A), <3ng/L (Replicate B)

Metolachlor: 9ng/L (Replicate A), 10ng/L (Replicate B)

Heptachlor Epoxide: <1ng/L (Replicate A), <1ng/L (Replicate B)

Chordane trans: <1ng/L (Replicate A), <1ng/L (Replicate B)

Oxadiazon: <0.5ng/L (Replicate A), <0.5ng/L (Replicate B)

Dieldrin: <0.5ng/L (Replicate A), 0.5ng/L (Replicate B)

Piperonyl Butoxide: <0.5ng/L (Replicate A), <0.5ng/L (Replicate B)

Propiconazole: <2ng/L (Replicate A), <2ng/L (Replicate B)

Mean ND% 14

The concentration in water (ng/L) of herbicides, detected in snapshot water samples collected during September – October 2006.

Diuron: 1.5ng/L

Simazine: 7.5ng/L

Atrazine: 5.5ng/L

Hexazinone: <1ng/L