2006 February: Child dies from herbicide poisoning. Pesticide detected: Paraquat

February 2006: Latrobe Valley Express (17 April 2008)

A young child swallowed Spray Seed in February 2006, which was stored in an un-labelled pop-top container on the front porch of a house in Morwell. When he was rushed to the Latrobe Valley Hospital, the staff thought he had swallowed Roundup. He was treated for Roundup poisoning, not Paraquat. The Paraquat had been taken from an employer, Hazelwood Roses,  without the employers knowledge. The child died soon after.

With paraquat poisoning there is a two hour window, after which there is no known antidote or cure. A recommendation was also made that Spray Seed be listed as Paraquat so that people and authorities know exactly what they are dealing with.