2006 April: Community Surface Drain – Rodney Drainage System: Pesticides: Glyphosate, AMPA, Amitrole.

According to the EPA Victoria’s 2006 Environmental Audit of the Goulburn River – Lake Eildon to The Murray River,  the mean annual concentration for Amitrole T in the Central Goulburn and Shepparton Irrigation Areas is estimated to be above the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines by over 250%. As a result of the EPA audit, Goulburn Murray Water had to test for Glyphosate, Amitrole, 2,4-D and AMPA over a 3 year period. (Guideline Heath limits for Amitrole are 10ppb, Glyphosate 1000ppb and 2,4-D 30ppb)

Goulburn Murray Water Test Results: 10/4/06

Community Surface Drain – Rodney Drainage System (not drinking water)

10/4/06: Glyphosate 940ug/L, AMPA (aminomethylphosphonic acid – Glyphosate Breakdown Product) 50ug/L, Amitrole 1060ug/L