2004 November – 2006 April: Stuart Murray Canal (Vic). Pesticides detected: Endosulfan, Atrazine.

Stuart Murray Canal offtake at Goulburn Weir. Water is diverted at this point for northern and north western Victoria.

Pesticides detected by Goulburn Murray Water.

November 2004: Endosulfan Trace

January 2005: Atrazine 0.002ug/L

February 2005: Atrazine 0.01ug/L

March 2005: Atrazine 0.019ug/L

April 2005: Atrazine 0.02ug/L

August 2005: Atrazine Trace

October 2005: Endosulfan 0.0087ug/L, Atrazine Trace

November 2005: Endosulfan 0.0186ug/L, Atrazine Trace

December 2005: Endosulfan 0.0021ug/L, Atrazine 0.042ug/L

January 2006: Atrazine 0.044 ug/L

March 2006: Atrazine 0.0048ug/L

April 2006: Atrazine 0.036ug/L

Source: Pesticide Monitoring in Goulburn Murray Water’s Irrigation Supply Channels Covering the Six Irrigation areas [2004-2006 Irrigation Season Study Report: Interim Report June 2006. Goulburn Murray Water