2004 – 05: Swan Hill Spray Drift Impacts on Vineyards. Pesticide: 2,4-D

Cotton Australia has also identified 2,4-D high volatile ester spray drift as a key threat to its industry, and over the last few seasons the industry sustained substantial damage. The dollar figure is unknown, but Cotton Australia claim that damage to crops has been in the

millions of dollars… Mike Stone spoke on behalf of Murray Valley Winegrowers’ and presented a succinct description of the major threat to wine exports resulting from 

[Weekly Times, 25 Nov 2009, Page: 96] Summer thunderstorms can cause difficulties for grain growers who need to spray for summer weeds. But it can also cause difficulties for horticulturalists, apiarists and other grain growers if the herbicide drifts on to other crops. Department of Primary Industries chemical expert Alan Roberts said a vast amount of damage was done in 2004-05 when herbicide drifted from broadacre farms to horticultural farms near the Murray River.