2003: McCreadys Creek Mackay Qld. Pesticides: Diuron, Ametryn, Hexazinone, Tebuthiuron, Simazine

Mackay City Council
Appendix B Water Quality Data Summary

Miscellaneous Studies by EPA, Researchers and Private Developers
The EPA’s monitoring sites in the Mackay City Council Region are located at Blackrock Creek, St Helens Creek, Murray Creek and Bakers Creek.
Measures of water quality in McCreadys Creek is reported in the Mackay Mangrove Dieback Study (Duke et al,. 2003). The Mackay Mangrove Dieback Study undertook surface water measurements in 2002 at five sites located in the tidal reaches of Mcreadys Creek and from water that seeped into holes (4 sites) that were dug into mangrove sediment…

Diuron was detected at all four core water sampling sites. Diuron concentrations ranged from 3.32 to 8.36 ng/L. Ametryn, Hexazinone, Tebuthiuron and Simazine were also detected at some of the sites.