1991: Boggy Creek/King River.

“I kept on making enquiries and found that those drinking water from Boggy Creek and the King River in most cases suffered disease and ill-health. Wangaratta’s water supply is drawn from the King and Ovens Rivers, both of which have a catchment along kilometres of farms growing tobacco, hops, grapes and fruit. In many cases the crops are grown to the actual river itself and often steeply sloping to the water. There are also dairy and cattle farms to the north-east which have been quarantined because of high chemical residues. For many years, tests carried out by bodies such as the EPA, State Forests and Lands and the Rural Water Commission have shown fluctuating levels of cyclodienes in the Ovens and King Rivers but the all clear signal has been given time and time again (Shirley Barber, The Mohyu Valley, Victoria. May 1991. Quick Poison Slow Poison by Kate Short 1994