1989 February: Caringbah Inn Hotel Evacuated. Pesticide: Dichlorvos

Toxic Leak Puts Four In Hospital

Sydney Morning Herald Monday February 6, 1989

Four people were taken to Sutherland Hospital last night after a leak of toxic insecticide at the Caringbah Inn Hotel.

A spokesman for the fire brigade said the insecticide, Dichlorvos, leaked from four 50kilogram cylinders into the Caringbah Inn Hotel shortly after 6pm

The insecticide is used in the control of cockroaches.

The hotel manageress, Ms Kathy Toner, said 200 people had been evacuated from the hotel for 75 minutes.

Ms Toner said the leak had been “nothing serious at all”.

“The four people were just taken to hospital as a precaution,” Ms Toner said.

“Now they’re back at the hotel, drinking beer.”

A spokesman for the hospital refused to comment on the condition of the four people.