1988: Warrenbayne Logging Committee Forms – Illness in Community.

STRATHBOGIE RANGES (VIC) Late 80’s: Warrenbayne Logging Committee formed due to problems associated with pine plantations including associated long term health effects. Environmental Impact Study was supposed to be done, but never released by authorities. Health problems in community started emerging around 1987 with the local tennis club, which included a male and a female genetic mutation involving the gonads. The girl also had a bone cancer at 9 years of age and the removal of precancerous ovaries at 13 years. Two other girls and a boy develop late onset epilepsy. Another male member was born extremely premature. Girl developed myeloid leaukemia and passed away, age 24. Residents feel that these issues are the tip of the health iceberg. Apparently in the 1970’s the Forestry Commission had also used ROGOR (Dimethoate) in establishing pine plantations.