1983 April: Plantation near Archerton – Pesticide Detected: Clopyralid.

April 1983: 56 Hectares near Archeton (in Benalla’s water supply) sprayed with 2.5kg ha-1 of Lontrel L. During and after spraying the streamwater was regularly sampled, just below the sprayed area and at a point 13km further downstream for a 19 day period, during which there were 7 substantial rainfall events totalling 143mm. Highest level of 0.015mgL-1 detected just below the sprayed area . . . At the downstream sampling point, the highest concentration was 0.001mgL-1. (see: Residues of 3,6-DCPA in Streamwater following aerial application to a radiata pine plantation in Ryan’s Creek Catchment, N.E. Victoria. Forest Commission Research Report No 238. PC Fagg & CJ Leitch).