1983 – 1984: Boobera Lagoon (NSW). Pesticide: Endosulfan

In 1984, sampling by the NSW State Pollution Control Commission in response to a major fish kill, identified endosulfan residues in Gil Gil Creek, north west of Moree at levels of (0.9-1.5ug/L) well above the LC50 for trout (0.3ug/L). Follow up sampling of Boobera Lagoon in the MacIntyre Valley during 1983-1984 confirmed the presence of endosulfan and a report on pesticide monitoring from the central and north west regions in 1995, acknowledged that the detection of high levels of endosulfan residues in the environment was a consequence of its use in agriculture. In the 1989-99 sampling in the Murray Darling Basin, endosulfan was detected in 53% if water samples with the median levels ranging from 0.02ug/L to 0.04ug/L.