1980’s: Byrill Creek (NSW). Pesticide of concern: 2,4-D

“…Residents of Byrill Creek, a tiny community south of Murwillumbah, were trying to stop their local shire spraying groundsel with 2,4-D. There concern was both environmental and personal: spray drift and run-off threatened their water supply; rare plants and animals were at risk; and residents suffered diarrhoea, vomiting, headaches, lethargy, ‘Flu-like’ symptoms including twitching muscles, rashes, pneumonia, dizziness and mouth ulcers during spray sessions. Council rejected their offer to hand-clear the weed, and dumped 6,000 litres of 2,4-D from a helicopter in one blitz alone. Chemical Crisis. One Woman’s Story. Humanity’s Future? Diana Crumpler 1994