1975 September: Mount Macedon. Pesticide: 2,4,5-T

1975 September

Lands Department.

… In the small catchments at Mt Macedon where streams are used directly for domestic water supplies, spraying of blackberries in or adjacent to these streams could result in contamination of water.

There would be little dilution of contaminated water with uncontaminated water and, in the cases of 2,4,5-T and amitrole, residues exceeding the levels of 0.02 ppm (2,4,5-T) and 0.01ppm (amitrole) set by the National Health and Medical Research Council could occur in domestic supplies…

Experimental evidence suggests that there is little movement of 2,4,5-T from treated areas into streams in run-off water and, therefore, any spraying outside of 10 metres from catchment streams should not result in contamination

Would you please see that the policy of the Board, as outlined above, is implemented in the Mt.Macedon area…