1974 – 1975: Cohuna (Vic). Encephalitis Spraying. Pesticide: Temephos

Encephalitis Spray Program 23/12/74

1. The chemical to be used in Abate, an organophosphate of low toxicity…

2. Abate is readily soluble in water, the estimated concentration in water being 1ppm – a level approved by the World Health Organisation for Abate as a larvaecide in drinking water. The material degrades in 2-7 days.

3. It is intended to treat lagoons near high density population centres along the Murray River, not streams or reservoirs. The area to be treated extends from the South Australian border to Albury. Mildura will be completed today, the last treatment being in the Albury region on January 7th.

4. There are no precautions the Commission need to recommend other than stress than the material is of low toxicity.


Encephalitis fight (Australian 29/11/74)

The Victorian and Federal governments are organising a campaign to eliminate the threat of another outbreak of encephalitis in the Murray Valley region of Victoria.

The State Minister for Health, Mr Scanlon, was arranging a meeting with the Federal Minister for Health, Dr Everingham, to work out an eradication program which he hoped would be financed by the two governments.

Mr Scanlon said yesterday initial plans were to create an area of immunity around northern Victorian towns by using a pesticide which would destroy mosquito larvae.

Earlier this year an outbreak of the disease caused by a species of mosquito killed eight people and put another 22 in hospital.

The outbreak resulted in the loss of millions of dollars in tourist spending in Murray Valley towns.