1973/4: Bright Pine Plantations (Vic). Pesticide: 2,4,5-T

Forests Commission Victoria

1973/74 Aerial Spraying of 2,4,5-T

In Bright district, a combination of steep, secluded gullies and severe down-draught in the lee of ridges created an extremely difficult flying situation. One one occasion the pilot was forced to dump 50 gallons of the spray load to clear trees on a spur. The area of the dump with immediately located on, and adjacent to, a steep track. Run off gutters were cut across the track to ensure that rainfall flushed the pesticide into the forest. A polystyrene dam was floated across the nearby creek draining the area. However no rain fell on the area for at least three days. The area of the dump with clearly marked to permit observation of its effect on the patch of pines drenched by the pesticide.