1971 + 1988/89 + 2013/22: Wangaratta Drinking Water. Pesticides detected: Dieldrin, Heptachlor, Aldrin, Lindane, HCB, TDE, DDT, Triclopyr

“In 1971/2, this Department conducted a pesticide survey of the Ovens River catchment which was chosen because of reported heavy use of pesticides on the tobacco crops in that area…” (Commission of Public Health 6 February 1976).

16/12/71: Wangaratta Reservoir Pump Lindane 0.02ug/L

16/12/71: Wangaratta Reservoir Pump HCB 0.02ug/L

16/12/71: Wangaratta Filtered Water HCB 0.006ug/L

16/12/71: Wangaratta Filtered Water TDE 0.012ug/L

16/12/71: Wangaratta Filtered Water TDE 0.012ug/L

6/1/71: Wangaratta Filtered Water Lindane 0.025ug/L

6/1/71: Wangaratta Filtered Water DDT 0.01ug/L

Agricultural & Domestic Chemicals Review Committee – Extraordinary Meeting 19 June 1989.

“In December 1988, water samples (Ovens & King Rivers) indicated no significant levels of DDT or Dieldrin. However samples collected in March 1989 during storm flows were found to contain detectable levels greater than the WHO Guidelines… Wangaratta City Council tests showed high readings of Heptachlor and Dieldrin in April.”

29/9/88: Dieldrin Raw 0.005ug/L, Dieldrin Treated 0.004ug/L, Heptachlor Raw 0.028ug/L, Heptachlor Treated 0.017ug/L, Aldrin Raw 0.011ug/L, Aldrin Treated 0.006ug/L

26/10/88: Heptachlor Raw 0.007ug/L, Heptachlor Treated 0.008ug/L, Aldrin Raw 0.002ug/L, Aldrin Treated 0.002ug/L

10/11/88: Dieldrin Raw 0.002ug/L, Dieldrin Treated 0.003ug/L.

21/12/88: Dieldrin Raw 0.007ug/L, Heptachlor Raw 0.016ug/L, Heptachlor Treated 0.013ug/L, Aldrin Raw 0.007ug/L

1/12/89: Dieldrin Raw 0.015ug/L, Heptachlor Raw 0.018ug/L

7/3/89: Dieldrin Raw 0.001ug/L, Dieldrin Treated 0.003ug/L.

11/4/89: Dieldrin Raw 0.06ug/L, Dieldrin Treated 0.06ug/L, Heptachlor Raw 0.22ug/L, Heptachlor Treated 0.02ug/L,

26/5/89: Dieldrin Raw 0.007ug/L, Dieldrin Treated 0.002ug/L, Heptachlor Raw 0.009ug/L, Heptachlor Treated 0.004ug/L,


One one occasion in April, dieldrin and heptachlor had been detected in the Wangaratta water supply at concentrations above WHO guidelines as indicated in the following summary. The results are expressed parts per billion.

12/6/13: Ovens River at Wangaratta Offtake: Triclopyr 0.02ug/L

2018/19: Wangaratta Triazine and Triazineone Herbicides 0.02ug/L

2019/20: Wangaratta Phenoxy herbicides 0.03ug/L, Sulfonylurea herbicides 0.03ug/L

2020/21: Wangaratta: Triazine and Triazineone Herbicides 0.02ug/L

2021/22: Wangaratta: Phenoxy herbicides 0.06ug/L, Triazine and Triazineone Herbicides 0.04ug/L