1970: Dongara Area. Spray Drift. Pesticide: 2,4-D Ester

Legislative Assembly (Western Australia)
Tuesday, the 8th September, 1970

Tuesday 8 September 1970


Mr. NORTON: The information I have given was passed to me by the member for
Geraldton. I believe this information was gleaned after inquiries were made about
spraying in the Dongara area, and after It was known that only one aircraft was
operating for the spraying of 2.4-D ester. It was found that the crops in the area
adjacent to Geraldton had been affected. No doubt the member for Geraldton will
have something to say about this incident. It was also mentioned in this House in
previous speeches. ..

There is another aspect that concerns me when there is a drift of volatile hormones.
In the Greenough and Geraldton areas, in particular, the prevailing wind is a southerly or south-westerly, but In the morning there can be aL perfect calm. The spraying of a property could commence In the morning, but before it is completed the southerly wind could begin
to blow and a volatile hormone spray could drift many miles into an area when tomatoes and peas were being grown, and those crops are highly susceptible to hormone sprays.