1970-2: Fire Damaged 2,4,5-T imported from Singapore (High Dioxin Levels).

Agent Orange herbicide compensation decision (7.30 Report)

The Tariff Board discovered this company, Chemical Industries Kwinana, was avoiding tariff on cheap chemicals from Singapore to make 2,4,5-T herbicide.

Some of the imports were found to have been damaged by fire which would have further concentrated dioxin, the component poisonous to humans.

WOMAN ON PHONE, FROM ‘THIS DAY TONIGHT’, 1972: If you won’t let us come down, then you have got something to hide.

As the ABC’s ‘This Day Tonight’ found in 1972, Chemical Industries Kwinana did not welcome outside attention.

The company is now defunct, but a WA parliamentary committee is planning to subpoena the son of the company’s deceased managing director.

ROBIN CHAPPLE, WA GREENS MP: The ability to subpoena or call before the inquiry agents of the company and the company to see if we can access their records.

MICK O’DONNELL: You will force them to testify?

ROBIN CHAPPLE: That is our intention.

CARL DRYSDALE: I reckon London to a brick it was stuff from Singapore, fire damaged Singapore 2,4,5-T, and they dumped it here in the Kimberley thinking that there’ll be no — out of sight, out of mind, you know.