1965: Jandowae (Qld) 2,4,5-T spraying Brigalow “Scrub”

Queensland Parliamentary Debates [Hansard] Legislative Assembly


Some of the most difficult brigalow country anywhere in the State is to be found north of Jandowae, going towards Durong. It is very melon-holey. It was considered to be unsuitable
for agriculture, although it is wonderful fattening country. With the clearing of the brigalow
scrub, there was very heavy regrowth of brigalow. I should like now to pay a tribute to some
people who are doing a marvellous job in the development of this country. I refer to one
gentleman who today is possibly nearing 80. He is Mr. ***, and he has done a
remarkable job. He used the Sheiner Majestic plough, and, latterly, a Connor Shea twin-disc
plough. He is getting rid of brigalow suckers and planting the land with lucerne, Rhodes grass, green panic, and similar grasses. The turn-off of fat cattle from that country is quite
The statement of the hon. member for Fassifern that spraying of brigalow suckers was not
very successful brought to mind the work of Mr. ***’s daughter and her husband, Mr. and
Mrs. ***. This is being done in smaller areas, admittedly, but it boils down to the fact that a person has to be prepared to work hard to develop land. Mr. and Mrs. **** are
applying 2,4,5-T with a wetting agent, and they are applying it with a knapsack spray. I was
talking to *** recently and he told me that he has never had any difficulty in getting university students to come out there in their holidays. He pays them well and they
are really prepared to work. In the hot weather they begin at 4 a.m. and work till 8 or 9, rest
in the hot hours of the day, then go on again in the evening…